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Recent News

EPSFA Summer Slam #3, August 13
The EPSFA Summer Slam Series #3 will be Saturday, August 13, 2016. For more information, visit the EPSFA website or Facebook page.
Gem City Outdorrsman's Club Youth Field Day, August 27
The Gem City Outdoorsman's Club will host a Youth Field Day on Saturday, August 27, starting at 8:00AM.
Presque Isle Lake Buoys Deployed
The Presque Isle Bay Buoys were deployed May 3. These buoys are released annually to gather information on water condition and weather off shore. To follow the information coming directly from the buoys, visit the Tom Ridge Environmental Center's Regional Science Consortium website.
Perch and walleye now in summer season
On May 1, the 7" size limit came off perch on Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay, with a daily limit of 30.

Walleye opened May 1, with a minimum size of 15" and a daily limit of 6. For more information, please see the Regulations page.